B2B 4 Demo & Download

Life Time

B2B 4 AePS Admin Software With Open Source Code Download

How To Use This Software ?

  • First You have to buy this B2B Recharge Software with open Source Code.
  • Then PAPAAPI will make You Download a Zip File with B2B Recharge Software with Source Code.
  • You must have a Domain and a linus web Hosting / Linus VPS server.
  • Input the IP of the Hosting or Server in the Domain.
  • Open the cpanel of hosting and go to 🗂️File Manager and open public_html 📂Folder.
  • Inside public_html 📂folder upload the Zip 📑File we Provided you.
  • After uploading Extract the Zip File under public_html 📂folder.
  • Again open cpanel go to MySQL® Databases and Create a New Database.
  • Go back and again open cpanel go to phpmyadmin and open your Database: Example-NEWB2BRC.
  • Click on Import go to Browse and Import the database 📑file which is in Zip File we Provided you.
  • Go back to cpanel open public_html open the 📑file you extracted earlier go to the core 📂folder There is a page dbinfo.php edit the page filling up database name and Database password.
  • After all this open Domain and Congratulations 🎉 your Web Portal will be live.

Software Requirements

  • Domain ex:- ( www.yourdomain.com )
  • Hosting / Server (Linux)
  • Recharge API ( All Recharge API'S Supported )
  • Bill Payment API ( All BBPS API'S Supported )
  • Domestic Money Transfer ( All DMT API'S Supported )
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System ( All AePS API'S Supported )
  • PAN Card ( UTI / NSDL API'S Supported )
  • Bulk SMS ( All Bulksms API'S Supported )
  • Payment Gateway ( razorpay , payu , paytm , etc. Supported)

Programing Language Skills

  • Using Frontend html,css,javascript
  • Using PHP Backend Programing Language
  • Version of laravel - The PHP Framework
  • Version of PHP 7.3
  • API'S response in json format
  • Rest API get response in json

Software Informations

  • Demo User ID
    [email protected]
  • Demo Password
  • Portal Type
  • Unlimited Create
    Master Distributor
  • Unlimited Create
  • Unlimited Create
  • Unlimited Create
    API User's
  • Unlimited Create
    Virtual Balance
  • Swiching API'S
    Backup Provider Api
  • Software Service
  • Software Service
    Bill Payment
  • Software Service
  • Software Service
  • Software Service
    Pan Card
  • Software Service
    UPI Payment Accept
  • Development
    Core PHP
  • Software Price
    Only Rs.25000/-
  • GST Tax
    include 18%
  • Total Price
    Pay 29500/-Rs.